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15 Popular Command Prompt Tricks

Get Your IP Address Information
ipconfig /all
This will retrieve a pile of information about your network connection and IP information. From this command, you can get:
Host Name Primary DNS Suffix Node Type IP Routing Enabled WINS Proxy Enabled DNS Suffix Search List Connection-specific DNS Suffix Network Adapter Description Physical (MAC) Address DHCP Enabled IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway DNS Servers Get Installed Driver Information
It can be very useful when troubleshooting to know what drivers are installed on a system. This command will give you a complete listing of the drivers and when they were installed.
Copy Files Via Infrared Port
irftp filename.ext
This will fire up the Wireless Link dialog so that you can copy the specified file via an infrared port.
Find Files Opened By Network Users
openfiles /query
If you are running a system and you want to know who has files open on your computer, this command will provide you a list of those users and the files that they have open.
Note: If you get an error saying The system global flag ‘maintain objects list’ needs to be enabled to see local opened files, you can fix this issue by typing openfiles /local on. You will have to reboot the system but it will resolve the issue.
Monitor Port Activity
netstat -a 30
This will show you all of the TCP/IP ports that are being used on your system and what they are connecting to (or being connected from). It will continue to monitor these ports and refresh the information every 30 seconds. You can change the refresh rate by changing the number at the end of the command.

Recover Information From A Corrupt File
recover filename.ext
If you have a disk with damaged sectors, you can attempt to recover as much information as possible from the damaged file. Data that is not damaged can be retrieved but data in damaged sectors will be lost.
Defragment Remote Computer

rexec remotePC defrag C: /F
This command used the rexec command to force a defragment of the C: drive on the computer named remotePC. You can use whatever you want to for the command (I just used defrag C: /F as an example). This is very useful for remote maintenance.
Retrieve Detailed System Information
With this command, you can retrieve the following information:
Host Name OS Name OS Version OS Manufacturer OS Configuration OS Build Type Registered Owner Registered Organization Product ID Original Install Date System Up Time System Manufacturer System Model System type Processor(s) BIOS Version Windows Directory System Directory Boot Device System Locale Input Locale Time Zone Total Physical Memory Available Physical Memory Virtual Memory Max Size Virtual Memory Available Virtual Memory In Use Page File Location(s) Domain Logon Server Hotfix(s) NetWork Card(s) Automatically Defragment C: Daily

schtasks /create /tn "Defrag C" /tr "defrag c: /f" /sc daily /st 23:00:00 /ru "System"
This will set your computer to automatically perform a complete defrag of the C: drive each day at 11:00:00 PM (23:00:00). It does this by creating a scheduled task called Defrag C. It will run this command under the computer’s system account.
Map A Drive Letter to a Folder
subst W: C:\windows
Sometimes, your directory structure can get pretty deep and complicated. You can simplify this a bit by mapping a drive letter to commonly used folders. In the example that I have given, this will create a drive letter W: and map it to the C:\windows directory. Then, whenever you go into My Computer, you will see a W: drive and when you browse to it, it will automatically take you to the contents of the C:\windows folder.
You can do this with any unused drive letter and any folder that exists on your system.
List All Tasks Running On The Computer

It’s always good to know what is running on your system. This is the command line version of the processes tab in Taks Manager.
Kill A Program

taskkill /im programname.exe /f
If, when using the tasklist command, you discover that there is something running you just want killed. This is the way to do it! Just note the program name and use it in place of programname.exe.
Reboot a Remote Computer
shutdown -r -f -m \\remotePC -c "System will be rebooted in 20 seconds"
Sometimes, you just need to reboot a system. This will do it remotely and give the user a 20 second warning.
Tip : To open Command Prompt, click Start, click Run, type cmd, and then click OK. 

Slow Computer Solutions:

Slow Computer Solutions:

1.Reduce the number of programs that start-up when your computer turns on. Open run, type msconfig and click ok. Click on the Startup tab, you will see a list of programs that startup when the computer turns on, uncheck any programs that you are sure you don’t need.

2.Disable the pretty stuff. Go to ‘control panel’, then open ‘System’ properties, in the ‘Advanced’ tab click ‘Performance’, and then select ‘adjust for best performance’.

3.Use antivirus software to scan for viruses and other malicious code that might have infected your computer. It is beneficial to make sure you have the latest virus definitions before you scan your system, otherwise you won’t get the best results. It is also suggested that a virus scan is conducted at least once a week on your computer.

4.The contents of the recycle bin take up space on your hard disk, if there are any unnecessary files in the recycle bin I recommend removing them to free up space.

5.Turnoff the computer for approximately 60 seconds so you can be almost certain the RAM memory has been flushed out. Plus a good old fashion restart fixes a variety of computer problems.

6.PCs need a set amount of free space on the hard-drive to perform various functions such as saving files, storing temporary files accrued whilst browsing the internet and file swapping to name a few activities. It is recommended for optimal performance that you should have no less than 15% of your hard-drive space free at all times. If you need to free up some space on your PC I suggest searching for any unnecessary programs and files and removing them.

Thank you !

How To Overcome from windows Genuine Problem in 2 Second ?

How To Overcome from windows Genuine Problem in 2 Second ?

First Method:

Lauch Windows Task Manager.
End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32.
Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
Lauch RegEdit.
Browse to the following location:
Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Not​ify
Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
Reboot Windows XP.

Note: With this method, you may be prompted to install WGA Notifications again which can still be unselected.

Disable Your Lost/Stolen Phone

Disable Your Lost/Stolen Phone
Write down and store your phone's IMEI as explained above.
If your phone ever get stolen or lost, you can call your service provider and give them your IMEI number. They will then be able to block your phone so even if the thief changes the SIM card, your phone will be totally useless. You probably won't get your phone back but at least you know that whoever stole it can't use/sell it either. 
If everybody done this, there would be no point in people stealing mobile phones. This is also in the fine print of most cell/mobile phone manuals. It was created for the very purpose of trying to prevent phones from being stolen.
However please note that not all service providers will comply, depending on your providers policy or country regulations.

Monday, July 4, 2011

How to know where your mobile made ??

How to know where your mobile made ??
Press the following on your mobile *#06# and the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number appears
Numbers 7 to 8 are the Final Assembly Code (F.A.C)
Quality Range:

1)IF the 7th & 8th digits are 02 or 20 that mean it was Assembled in Emirates which is very Bad quality
2)IF the 7th & 8th digits are 08 or 80 that mean it' s manufactured in Germany which is not bad
3)IF the 7th & 8th digits are 01 or 10 that mean it's manufactured in Finland which is Good
4)IF the 7th & 8th digits are 00 that mean it was manufactured in original factory which is the best Mobile Quality ...
5)IF the 7th & 8th digits are 13 that mean it was Assembled on Azerbaijan which is very Bad quality and very dangerous for health!!!
6)IF the 7th & 8th digits are03 or 30,04 or 40, then this means: the Nokia cell phone was Chinese Made but has a good quality of that Nokia set ,but not good as 01 or 10 and 00.
Added Infos:
06=made in Flensburg,Germany (flare)
07=made in Flensburg,Germany
08=made in Flensburg,Germany
40=made in Easterinch,Scotland (UK)
41=made in Easterinch,Scotland (UK)
47=very popular fake IMEI,There are thousands of phones out there with IMEI=00000047000000
49=Was found on a 8700 from China with Fake imei
67=made in Illinois, USA (most prototypes)
80=made in Tianjin,China
81=made in Tianjin,China
92=made in China by EASTCOM in Hangzhou
93=made in China by EASTCOM in Hangzhou

Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to Grow Your Business in Five Steps

Growth is a pre-requisite for business success.  In today’s rapidly changing business environment, most companies need to grow just to stay in place.  They need to expand market share, seek out related and new market opportunities, and constantly pursue new customers just to stay even over the long haul. 
To grow successfully, businesses need to build upon their success with current customer and grow outward from there.  As such, the five steps to business growth are:

1.     Satisfy Your Current Customers:  As discussed in 8 Steps to Satisfy Your Current Customers and Re-Charge Growth, the first step for business growth is to exceed the expectations of current customers.  This reduces your customer turnover (churn), which means that you no longer have to find new customers just to replace current customers that have stopped buying from you due to poor service.  Further, satisfying your current customers allows you to increase your share of wallet with them.

2.     Increase Your Market Share in Your Current Market Space:  Increase your overall market share with your current product line in your current market space.  Satisfying your current customers strengthens your brand and proves that you live up to your brand promise.  Building on this strong brand and referrals from your good customers, viral market out and penetrate new customers in your current market space.

3.     Work with Current Customers to Determine New Product and Service Opportunities: Your best customers realize that you are an excellent and reliable supplier.  Especially, with B2B (business-to-business) customers, these good customers will often invite you to help them in other related parts of their business where they may be having issues.  They may also want your help to refine current products and services or to solve new problems that they may be facing.  Pursue these potential opportunities aggressively, as they will bind you closer to these best customers and point the way to new product and service offerings that can then be offered to your entire customer base.

4.     Pursue Market Opportunities Already Under Your Nose:  Be easy to do business with and open to the potential customers that are contacting you today looking for help to solve their problems: You Don’t Know Me; But, I Want to Give You Money!  In addition, follow up with and learn more about the newest customers that are buying from you.  Why do they now need your products and services?  Is this a trend?  Are there other companies in their same market space that now need your products and services as well?

5.     Actively Pursue New Products and Market Opportunities:  This is the proactive part of growth and business development.  It includes seeking out growing and profitable markets, solving customer’s problems, and finding new market niches where your company can have a sustainable competitive advantage.  This can include all the sexy stuff that they teach about in business schools: new product development, market entry strategies, joint ventures and acquisitions.  While undeniably important, beware!!  The active pursuit of new product and market opportunities is just one out of five steps to business growth; to grow your business successfully requires using all five steps to business growth.  As sales and innovation strategist David Cooke says well:

"All too often businesses over-emphasize the importance of new customer sales as a key to building a business. While this is and continues to be an integral component of business growth, real and sustainable growth occurs when a business leverages its relationships–team, customer, suppliers, ownership–in a strategically focused manner to retain and expand the ones it already has."

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